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    A goal-oriented common sense approach to achieving audacious results

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    Philanthropy Today Consulting specializes in providing strategic planning and C-suite support to small and mid-sized charities. We help charities, corporations, and individuals quickly increase their impact and effectiveness by providing practical advice that they can realistically implement within six months to three years.


    Philanthropy Today offer a goal-oriented, common sense approach to consulting. We help you identify the specific results you want to achieve with your charitable initiative, program, or organization. We then develop a strategy to lead you to this vision.


    Ours is a holistic approach, deeply rooted in comprehensive analysis while remaining committed to achievable, audacious results.


    Once we have mapped out a strategy, we implement the plan or guide you through the steps for execution. It's up to you! Strategy is an iterative process, which means we should expect to plan, implement, evaluate...repeat.

  • Our Services

    Philanthropy Today Consulting works with individuals and organizations to help them achieve greater effectiveness and increase their impact. Our specialty is working with small to mid-sized charities that are in transition and seeking guidance to increase operational efficiency and program impact. As your advisor, we prioritize practical, realistic advice that can be implemented within a relatively short time frame.


    Examples of engagements include Interim CEO/COO, operational audits, strategic plans, and program development and implementation. We are skilled at working within donor-advised funds and fiscal sponsorship guidelines. We encourage collaboration and will work with you to develop mutually beneficial holistic partnerships.


    We also offer a unique one-on-one coaching program for individuals new to philanthropy who want to learn how to run a nonprofit organization or charitable program.


    We anticipate one or more free introductory discussions with each new client to help identify your consulting needs. No two consulting engagements are exactly the same.

  • About Philanthropy Today Consulting

    "Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen." ---- Winston Churchill

    Stephanie Sandler


    Philanthropy Today's FOUNDER and CEO

    Stephanie is a Senior Philanthropic Consultant with more than 18 years of nonprofit management experience. Philanthropy Today Consulting's clients have included the social justice nonprofit Driving Force Group and its sponsored projects including Raise the Barr, Williams Sisters Fund, and Huddle Up. Philanthropy Today has also consulted to PDK International, Unstoppable Foundation, and Liberty Hill.


    Prior to establishing Philanthropy Today Consulting, Stephanie was the Senior Vice President of The Giving Back Fund, a nonprofit organization that provides philanthropic consulting and management services under a model similar to a community foundation, with a special emphasis on the sports and entertainment industries. Stephanie oversaw operations for the organization including mission and program development, business strategy, grantmaking, governance, financial management, risk management, and public relations.


    While at the Giving Back Fund, Stephanie also led the philanthropic consulting and management practices, as well as supervised event planners for an estimated 65 events. Among those events was an annual summit for nonprofit professionals. Each year 95% - 100% of survey respondents stated that they would attend another summit and recommend the summit to a colleague. In 2010, ESPN voted an event Stephanie managed as the #1 Super Bowl party held in the Super Bowl city.


    Stephanie negotiated and managed the activation of dozens of successful cause-marketing and corporate sponsorships with leading corporate brands while simultaneously advising many of the most influential individuals in sports and entertainment on their philanthropic strategies. Clients included the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation, the Jalen Rose Foundation, the Yao Ming Foundation, Retail ROI, NEXUS Global Youth Summit, and dozens more.


    Stephanie started at The Giving Back Fund as a volunteer while working full-time as a technical writer in the financial services industry. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Writing, Publishing, and Literature from Emerson College.


    Originally from New Hampshire, Stephanie continues to support New Hampshire nonprofit organizations. Philanthropy Today Consulting is a sponsor of the 2018 NH Poetry Festival and the NH Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence 2018 Celebration, respectively.


    Current or PREVIOUS clients include:

    Driving Force Group


    Driving Force Group is driven by three simple facts: All people deserve to be treated equally, all people are not treated equally, we should all do our part to leave the world more equitable than we found it. The cornerstone of Driving Force Group is our P.E.E.R.S (Partnerships, Effective, Efficient, Replicable, Sustainable) model of philanthropy, which is focused on developing charitable initiatives that have a long-term sustainable impact. Driving Force serves as the fiscal sponsor for charitable initiatives committed to the P.E.E.R.S model. Driving Force Group received a three-year grant from W.K.Kellogg Foundation totaling $1.7 million to support Huddle Up, a program established by the DFG CEO. DFG's projects include the Williams Sisters Fund, Raise the Barr (founded by NFL player Anthony Barr), and the Torrey Smith Family Fund.


    Raise the Barr

    Supporting A dual-generational approach to breaking the cycle of poverty in single-parent families

    Raise the Barr, established by Minnesota Viking's linebacker Anthony Barr and his mother, Lori Barr,  is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty for low-income single-parent families by providing single parents access to post-secondary education or certification.   Raise the Barr is a sponsored project of Driving Force Group.

    Unstoppable Foundation

    Ensuring every child has ACCESS TO a QUALITY EDUCATION

    The Unstoppable Foundation brings sustainable education to children and communities in developing countries, creating a safer and more just world for everyone. The Unstoppable Foundation’s proven model not only builds schools, but provides the entire community with access to clean water and sanitation, food and nutrition, healthcare, and alternative income training for

    PDK International

    Growing and Connecting Leaders in Education

    PDK International, publisher of Kappan magazine, is a professional association for educators that brings together the top leaders, thinkers, and doers to collaborate and inspire one another.

    Liberty Hill

    LA'S Social Justice epicenter since 1976

    Liberty Hill is one of the leading social justice organizations in the country. Liberty Hill advances movements for social change through a strategic combination of grants leadership training and alliance building.

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  • Media

    Stephanie has been interviewed by dozens of local and national media outlets to assist with background and serve as a philanthropy expert, including the Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, Chronicle of Philanthropy, C-Suite Quarterly, ESPN Radio, Forbes Magazine, Wall Street Journal, and many others.


    Below are a few of Stephanie's published or upcoming articles.

    Sports Business Journal

    Questions Every Athlete Should Ponder When Starting a Charity, February 2016, written by Stephanie Sandler

    Sports Business Journal

    Changing the Focus, Foundation Failures Carry Heavy Toll, April 29, 2013, co-written by Stephanie Sandler and Marc Pollick

    ESPN Radio

    An older radio interview with LaFern Cusak on ESPN in which Stephanie Sandler discussed the philanthropy conference she planned. Initially the conference was focused on fundraising but later was expanded to best practices across different topics in philanthropy.

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